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This new unique lead for socialising has many uses for attaching to a chair, table, bike, pushchair, mobility scooter, bench, tree or fence, when out and about with your beloved pet dog.

Lily's Lead and Collar

Available in Red or Blue

Lily's Lead


Lily's Lead is a special unique dog lead designed and patented by Brian Smith.

This lead has a special attachment, which allows you to safely securely your dog to a variety of objects e.g. a picnic bench whilst you are having a meal, or a chair whilst you are reading a book and having a drink.

This is the only site you can order this lead.

Lily's Lead is a reflective nylon dog lead with a neon padded handle available in blue or red. Size: 122cm long x 2cm wide. The reflective nylon makes your dog highly visable for their safety. The neon padded handle allows you to walk your dog in comfort. 100% pure nylon. 


Lily's Collar

Extra Small 8-12" x 5/8" width £7.49

Small: 10-16" length x 3/4" width £7.99

Medium  14-20" x length x 1" width £8.49

Large 16-24" length x 1" width £8.99

Neoprene Padded Reflective Nylon Dog Collar available in red or blue.

100% pure nylon.

Being reflective it is highly visible for your dogs safety.

Black padding inside makes it super comfortable and safer for your dog.

Beautiful matching clip and d ring. 

Lilys' Lead & Collar Set

Order Lily's Lead and Collar together to receive a discount! 

Lily's Lead & Extra Small Collar £20.38

Lily's Lead & Small Collar £20.88

Lily's Lead & Medium Collar £21.38

Lily's Lead & Large Collar £21.88

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